Connect One Billion People with Our Ocean by 2030


One Blue Ocean® is a global social change non-profit that strives to ensure a healthy blue ocean. We believe our ocean is essential to all life and that people are the solution to make meaningful change. Our mission is to empower individuals to adopt ocean positive habits and shift cultural behavior around the world.

One Blue Ocean is built on the idea that creativity has the power to motivate. Our approach uses positive visual media and unique educational initiatives to build community and connection. Our flagship project, The Great Ocean Experience, is an immersive, multisensory touring exhibition designed to inspire awareness and ignite change.



Positive Visual Media + Issue + Solution = Impact


Environmental Education for Global Adoption of Ocean Positive Habits

365 Days of Ocean

An Adventurous Social Media Exploration

The Great Ocean Experience ™

A Multi-Sensory, Immersive Touring Event

3 Minute Movie

The New Standard for Storytelling


Meet our tribe of ocean experts and enthusiasts who are making a difference and working to save our planet.

Be the Power of Ocean Change

Join our team of ocean advocates to protect, conserve and ignite ocean stewardship in your community and around the world.  Help be part of the solution as we turn the tide of the future of our oceans in a positive direction.

One Blue Ocean … Connects Us All

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